Why Join

Our program is simple. Think of a retail store; they buy products from a manufacturer or wholesaler, mark the product up and then sell it for a profit. In essence, you are the retail store.

  • Make real money, not incentives
  • Earn 25-35% per item. Plus, earn even more with our Points Program – you earn 5 points for every $1 you spend
  • You are in full control – work when you want and how hard you want
  • Sell an eco-friendly product that is Made in Canada
  • Already working a home based program. Perfect! Skore Dots are a great addition to your lineup
  • Low ordering minimum of $225. Order more and earn more
  • This is not a MLM or Pyramid program. You work for you, not the people above you
  • No recruiting. No harassing family and friends to join. No commitments and No monthly minimums


Is this MLM or a Pyramid?

Absolutely not! You buy from us and work for yourself. There is no recruiting or making an upline.

How much can I earn?

As an Independent Consultant, you immediately receive 25% sales margins. Ordering more of one item adds another 5%. In addition, every order earns points that can be used towards future purchases; for every $1 you spend you receive 5 points. That’s another 5%.

Can I sell Online?

Yes, you can sell on your website. In our terms and conditions, we list the restricted websites*.

*these are subject to change without notice

Can I sell to a Store?

Yes, we love this idea! If this is the route you wish to pursue, you may want to consider our Wholesale Program.

Do have to order a Kit?

While there is no obligation to order a Kit, we highly recommend you do. The Kit is a great way for customers to get to know all of the Dot scents you have to offer, increasing potential sales.

Do I have to order every month?

Nope! There are no monthly minimums or reduced commissions. You order as you need to.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. There is a low minimum order amount of $225. Also, each item must be ordered in increments of 3.